Hey This is a announcement i have made on the behalf of the SMT team.
i have personaly seen that staff has been toxic and sometimes breaks rules ingame and therefor i have decided to push a 0 Tolerance week for staff. if you get reported for doing stuff you should not you will get removed from the staff team.
some good news aswell for all you people
mrhacknot and i have decided to wipe the dev team and will be hiring new devs and we will start to push more updates and bug fixes. maybe alrp has been the same way for too long so i am glad to say that i will be personaly rewarding people that give us good bug reports and suggestions on the forums or to us personaly. i greatly appriciate the work the staff team puts in and the loyality of all the players. keep up the good work,

Best Regards

[ALRP] Locus Where is the team and what is the exact name of the server and does it cost me money t join