ArmA Life Role Play

General Rules for Game Servers and the Community that upholds them

Last Updated by Liam On The 15/05/2017

Section 1.0 - Community Rules

Section 1.0
Advertising Rules

Under no circumstances may you advertise any other gaming community on:
Game Servers
Social Media / Steam Groups

Section 2.0
Teamspeak Rules
  • Trolling on Teamspeak is unacceptable
  • Impersonating other users or staff members is not tolerated, if caught, you will be given 20 points.
  • The use of a Voice changing software is unacceptable
  • The playing of music in public channels apart from those dedicated to music is unacceptable
  • The use of offensive or overly exquisite avatars is not allowed
  • The failure of the use of 'Common sense' is unacceptable'
  • Talking trash in death chat is not allowed, and you can be punished.
  • During support channels, the accused party can request 10mins prior to the accused rulebreak to allow clarification of the initiation.

Section 3.0
Forum Rules
  • Trolling on the Forums is unacceptable
  • Impersonating another member of the community is unacceptable
  • Posting within the wrong section of the forums will result in your post being moved or deleted
  • Creating threads with the intent of starting drama or to upset someone / a group of people is unacceptable
  • Anyone caught posting threads leading to a conflict will also result in the account marked for deletion.

Section 4.0
Terms of Donating

By Making a Donation to Arma Life Roleplay you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • By donating to Arma Life Roleplay your donation on voluntary bases therefore all donations are final and are non-refundable.
  • By donating to Arma life Roleplay your donator status will not be issued to yourself until the donation has been made and confirmed by ArmA Life Roleplay's Administration and Finance Team and by the payment service used.
  • By donating to Arma Life Roleplay you understand that your donation is for the good of the community and will be used to fund the community.
  • By donating to Arma Life Roleplay you understand that you are not exempt from the rules, teams and condition of Arma Life Roleplay
Section 5.0

When using the services provided by Arma Life Role play you automatically accept full responsibility for your actions and you accept our Rules, Terms and Conditions. Failure to follow the Arma Life Role Plays Rules, Terms and Condition may result in a kick from Arma Life Role play's services without prior notices, a ban from Arma Life Role Plays services without notices and the issuing of points via Arma Life Role Plays Points system.

Section 6.0
Affiliation with Bohemia Interactive a.s

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