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Hi all,

The ALRP Senior Management team have decided to re-add the gang strike scheme.

So from now on if 6 or more members of your gang are reported within one case the players involved will receive warning points and the gang involved with be issued a gang strike


The way the gang strikes will work is:

1st strike = Warning and the gang will need to sort it out

2nd Strike = A wipe of the gang and limited to 15 Members

3rd Strike = A removal of the gang.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to go to requesting SMT.

Kind Regards



Chapo Guzman posted Mon at 16:42

Friendly reminder to all community members. While management has been changed, our financial accounts such as paypal and website store information has not. Any payment chargeback that is attempted hinders the community and will result in the removal of said individual from the community.

Chapo Guzman

Community Founder

Hi all,

The LSPD Role call has now finished.

If you wish to apply to join the Lakeside Police Department please apply below.

Click Here

Kind Regards,

Lakeside Police Department