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Hello Community!,

First of all please I'd like to say RIP grandma 1945-2017

I would like to apologize for the community when it went through cobra or other owners. We would like to give it a fresh start. If you are not unbanned for any reason, pleaee wait for smt and request to be unbanned in the name of Don De Leon.  We are hereby unbanning everyone from infistar, battleye and giving everyone a second chance. If you have any new requests or want to elaborate in the communities frontal mission please let us know. Secondly is a quote I would love everyone to remember. Remember what I did right, but not the time I fucked up, as the my fuck up does not define me but the mission of my lifestyle.


Don De Leon!

PD Applications are now closed.

Congratulations to those who applied and passed.

Applications for staff are now closed!

thank you for applying.


[ALRP] Don De Leon posted Oct 5, 17

Attention Staff

  • Any promotion up to Senior Administrator must be agreed upon by at least two members of SMT. 
  • Any promotion up to Senior Administrator must be approved by Don De Leon.
  • Any demotion above Senior Administrator must be approved by Don De Leon.
  • Promotions will only occur every Saturday after the staff meeting and only their subjected requirements are met.
  • Disrespect from staff to the community will not be tolerated.

Corruption within staff and SMT will be non existent. Enough is enough, time to be tough.

Thank You,