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LSPD Applications are now open!

Click Here to apply

Best of luck to everyone.


After discussion with Senior Management Team it has been decided that Gang Packages will now be free with requirements.

The requirements for a free Gang Package are the following:

- You provide your own uniform and vest textured - these can be from the Rebel Store

- You are active within the community for atleast 2 weeks

- Have atleast 10 active confirmed members (This will be checked)

- Provide a Background story to your gang (RP)

- You follow all the rules of our server (Members must not have been banned within the last week, Exceptions can be made!)

- If members of your gang are constantly breaking rules your gang and all its perks will be removed

- An Interview must be done with SMT before your Gang can be made

If you want a custom uniform or vest you must purchase these from the Donation Store, You can also purchase things such as Gang Weapon Skins, Vehicle Skins, more Uniform & Vests and Billboards.


Established Gangs can donate £150 to obtain a Gang Base. These Gang Bases can be designed by your gang and sent in or by our Development Team. Once this has been done it will be authorised by SMT, Changes may be made by SMT to your base.

All Gang Bases include 10 Skinned weapons.


All current gangs are to fill out this roll call by the 31st July 2017, if you fail to fill this out your Gang will be removed. Only the gang owner is to fill this out!



ArmA Life Roleplay

Senior Management Team

Happy Chapo Sale!

Chapo Guzman posted Wed at 11:19

Happy Chapo Sale!

We have reduced all prices by 20% on our donation store. All gang packages now include some mystery surprises.

Thank you!


Community Founder

Chapo Guzman


I have instructed my senior management team to change and immediately implement the new punishment guide. This is due to the punishments being too lax and ineffective to chronic rule breakers. Here's an example of how it will work, if you are reported for RDM you will receive 5 warning point and a 24-hour mandatory ban with no appeal. Keep in mind that you will be banned from both in-game and TeamSpeak. If you receive 30 points you will now receive a two-week ban. Point's given will expire every 7 days from date of infraction. To make sure that our new point system is fair to everyone, I have decided to reset everyones points to zero.

Thank You!

Community Founder

Chapo Guzman