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Alofa Bread posted 7 hours ago

Staff apps are now open, and will remain open for 1 week (closed on the 26th).

Apply and they will be reviewed at the end of the week. 

- Alofa

New Management

Vega posted Thu at 2:44

Hello fellow community members of ALRP, ALRP is under new management and will be under going a lot of changes these next few days. There will be a community meeting tomorrow at 4 PM EST. Aswell all SMT please come onto teamspeak and talk to me asap Thanks!

-Ethan and Caleb Vega

Hello community,

As you are aware the community needs to begin making some changes in the new year, so to begin this the Senior Managment Team has wiped the ban list. This now means everyone has been unbanned from ALRP's teamspeak [To be unbanned from the server go to "Waiting for SMT"]. All players who have been unbanned, will have another chance to play ALRP and act in the correct manner.

This may be an outcome some players will dislike however this is happening for the better of the community and we hope all of our players will understand.