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We are proud to announce the release of a new Rust server.

As of now we have decided that the server is going to be Vanilla for now as this has a higher playercount and is easier to setup. As for now this is just a test on request, and  if successful we can possibly host a modded server too. We hope to see you on the server.

To connect, the IP to the server is, to connect to it, open the console by pressing the F1 key, procede to type in "connect", and that is a direct link with the server.

Also many thanks to Sebastian for general advice and doing work on this project.

Nick Atkins [Project Lazy]


Best of luck to everyone who applied.


To celebrate the Emoji Movie we've got more useless stuff on the site!!! 

Thanks to the great reviews I have been hard at work putting Emojis on the site.

Crying Laughter Emoji - :laugh: 

The Racist frog - :pepe: 

The poop emoji - :poop: 

Project Lead

Nick Atkins

As most of you may know there is an issue with everyone getting Infistar banned.

SMT Team are working on this issue as quick as we can so everyone can play on the server.

Sorry for any Inconvenience.