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PD Application

Timothy Hadrick posted Nov 12, 17

Lakeside Police Department applications have now closed. 

Good luck to those that applied,

State Command

Lakeside Server

Don De Leon posted Nov 7, 17

Lakeside Server!

Lakeside server is is back up and here is the information for it. Anyone who has previously a played on the our lakeside server will still have all your items and statistics saved. To connect to the Lakeside server please use this IP. Port 2312.  If you are an administrator please use the following link for the staff panel. For the repo please use this information on arma3sync. We will not be taking down our Takistan server for the meantime. It is very clear that some people highly prefer lakeside and some do takistan.  Please donate to the front page of our website to help our DoD Eaglebyte.

Thank You, 
Don De Leon

News Magnet

Don De Leon posted Nov 3, 17

Please let me know if you have any issues witht he new Takistan server. Also I would like to ask all of you to please give it a try before you bash it. We are willing to fully develop it into whatever the community might ask. For any staff or rank complaints please direct them directly to me.

Thank You,

Holy Father Don De Leon

Hello Community!

Today is a very important and long awaited day, we at ALRP have finally finished the takistan beta patch and its now released (02/11/2017)

The first week or so will be beta phase, consisting of a taster/bug finding and a test of what has been made and what is to come!

A forum section has been made regarding bug reports and suggestions.

Throughout the next couple of days more work and completion of the project will be made/done making the practicality of the server alot more efficient

When the server releases the Lakeside valley server will be locked to push the players to test the Takistan server

As the hours played increases we will be getting everyone's feedback and making the appropriate changes to how everyone wants the game to be played.

Thank you all for your loyalty and support to ALRP

Kind regards, Tank

ALRP, possibly the best experience Arma 3 can offer